Zamalah Scholarship

UNIMAS Postgraduate Scholarship is a scholarship scheme created to encourage excellent graduate students to continue their study at Master and PhD level by research at UNIMAS. The introduction of this scholarship is in line with the universitys efforts to intensify research activities and development parallel with its aspiration to become a well known research based university. Master and PhD students who are reading for a full time based research project with an end result of the creation of thesis, invention or creative output are invited to apply for this scholarship.

Application Requirements for Zamalah Siswazah UNIMAS Scholarship (ZSU)

1. Application Requirements

1.1 Application is open to all graduate students who have been accepted to study, and have registered as graduate students in any Research Programs at UNIMAS.

1.2 Students must be registered under the full time mode in either Master or PhD programs.

1.3 Other requirements include:

1.3.1 Applicants in a Masters degree program must have considerable academic achievement at their Bachelor Degree (minimum CGPA of 3.0), and Applicants in a PhD program must have good Master Degree.

2. Application Procedures

2.1 Applications forms can be obtained from Centre for Graduate Studies (CGS) office or by downloading from the CGS website at http://www.postgrad.unimas.my

2.2 The form shall be filled by the student and verified by their main supervisor. Completed forms must be submitted to CGS together with the applicants research proposal, resume and supporting documents.

2.3 Students are allowed to apply for this scheme only ONCE, in their entire study period. Applications can be made at anytime but must be within the first year of the applicants study.

2.4 Applicants who have been interviewed either successful or otherwise, are no longer allowed to make any appeal. All decisions made by the expert panel is final and irrevocable.

3. Interviews

3.1 The date of the interviews shall be made known to all F/I/C within 2 to 3 weeks prior to the interview.

4. Duration of Support

4.1 Should the student complete earlier than the duration, payment of the scholarship shall be terminated immediately upon confirmation from the Senate that the student has been approved for graduation.

5. Types of Support

5.1 Three types of support shall be offered:

5.1.1 ZSU (Full) Subsistence allowance, Tuition and Examination Fees

5.1.2 ESSU Subsistence allowance only

5.1.3 ZSU (Fees) Tuition and Examination Fees (meant for International Students ONLY, if succeeded)

5.2 The types of support to be awarded depend on the performance of the applicant during the interview and from final assessments made by the Expert Panels.

6. Amount and Payment of the Scholarship

6.1 The scholarship amount is RM1,000/month for Master and RM1,200/month for PhD students, or other quantum depending on the existing budget and as deemed suitable by the Expert Panels

6.2 An offer letter will be issued after Senate approval on the successful candidate.

6.3 Procedures for payment of scholarship shall begin upon complete documentation of the agreement and guarantor forms that is enclosed with the offer letter by the student.

6.4 Recipients of the scholarship may claim from CGS on payments of fees made by them at the beginning of that semester, using a memo and enclosing the original receipt of payment. Approval of such claim depends on the duration and types of support.

6.5 During the period of sponsorship, annual extension of the scholarship depends on the research and academic performance of the student, based on progress reports from the Supervisor or Supervisory Panel and recommendation from the Faculty Graduate Committee.

6.6 Payment of scholarship shall be suspended for students who have applied and approved to postpone their studies.

7. Terms and Conditions

7.1 The sponsorship shall be terminated at any time should the students be unable to perform their research work satisfactorily, or fail to conform to any of the University regulations, or responsible for any form of academic dishonesty or misconduct in the course of their academic pursuits, in which case the student is liable to pay in full the amount disbursed to them.

7.2 Recipients of the scholarship who failed to finish their study or failed to obtain their degree shall pay in full (including a 6% interest/yearly) the amount disbursed to them.

7.3 Recipients of the scholarship shall sign an agreement with UNIMAS with regards to various other regulations pertaining to the award of this scholarship.

7.4 Recipients of the Full Scholarship are prohibited to accept any form of earnings, salaries or financial aids, but this is allowable for recipients of the Partial Scholarship (ESSU and ZSU (Fees)).

8. Sponsorship of a Master Candidate with Subsequent Conversion to PhD

8.1 Recipients of the scholarship full and partial (allowance & fees) who have been approved to be converted to a PhD degree shall be sponsored at a new rate to fit a PhD candidate without the need to be interviewed.

8.2 Students who have successfully undergone the conversion process shall automatically be paid a Full Scholarship for the remaining duration of their PhD program. This is to encourage and to support their success in being converted from Master to PhD degree.

8.3 The scholarship duration for a PhD shall be for 3 years or dependent on the remaining study period upon award of the scholarship.

8.4 The student will need to fill and complete a new agreement with UNIMAS for their study at the PhD level.

9. Responsibilities of the Recipients

9.1 Recipients of the scholarship shall perform their duties diligently and to finish their studies within the stipulated period.

9.2 They must be prepared to work voluntarily when requested by their F/I/C as Laboratory Assistant or Demonstrators during practical classes or as Teaching Assistant in tutorial classes for a maximum period of 10 hours per week for ZSU (Full) recepients, 7 hours per week for ESSU recipients, and 3 hours per week for recipients of Partial-Fees Scholarships. For this purpose, students must inform their research supervisor.

9.3 International PhD students who is a recipient of the scholarship shall be a Teaching Assistant while international Master students shall be a Lab Demonstrator for a maximum period of 6 hours per week. The scope and area of work will be the F/I/P discretion.

9.4 Should the F/I/C have specific budgets to pay the recipients for these tasks, then they may consider paying if the working hours are more than as stated in clause 9.2 and 9.3 above, based on the amount paid by ZSU to these students.

10 Right of the University

The University has the right to amend any part of these regulations from time to time without the need to provide notice.

Deputy Dean (Research)

Centre for Graduate Studies

Universiti Malaysia Sarawak

94300 Kota Samarahan


Scholarship Duration

The maximum duration for this scholarship is 2 years for Master and 3 years for PhD.

Scholarship Rate

Successful student will receive the following (or a combination of the following) :-

Master PhD
Full Scholarship
Monthly Allowance : RM 1,000.00/ Month RM 1,200.00/ Month
Tuition Fees : * *
Examination Fees : RM 1,000.00 RM 1,500.00
ESSU (Elaun Sara Hidup Siswazah UNIMAS)
Monthly Allowance RM 1,000.00/ Month RM 1,200.00/ Month
ZSU Separa Yuran / ZSU Partial Fees
Tuition Fees : * *
Examination Fees : RM 1,000.00 RM 1,500.00

Dependent upon the total tuition fee (by faculty) that is charged to the student.

ZAMALAH Application Form : Please click here for more details


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