Notice for Submission of Thesis

This form is to be submitted approximately three (3) months before submission of the thesis. This form must be accompanied by the Table of Contents of the thesis to be submitted and the original receipt for payment of the Examination Fee. Sponsored students must obtain endorsement for this form from the Finance Office prior to approval by the Project Supervisor.

Graduation Form 7GF

By Coursework
By Research

Final Submission of Thesis

This form is to be filled on final submission of the thesis upon correction (as advised by the Faculty) for hardcover binding together with a copy of CD to the UNIMAS Graduate School.
Applications from students to pay Maintenance Fee must be supported by the Faculty Graduate Committee who has confirmed that the students have completed the minimum period of study and submitted the full thesis for evaluation based on UNIMAS format. Application for Maintenance Fee will only be processed once the student fulfilled all the requirements of (no. i,ii,iii and iv) at the form